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Alice Springs Quilting Exhibition 2023

presented by Alice Springs Quilting Club 

Opening Night Friday 6 October 2023, 6pm  
Exhibition runs 6 – 14 October 2023 

Image courtesy of Alice Springs Quilting Club, 2023.

The Alice Springs Quilting Club Exhibition is an annual exhibition held in Witchetty’s at the Araluen Arts Centre in Alice Springs | Mparntwe. The exhibition showcases the club members’ remarkable creations of the year and gather quilters and enthusiasts together to share camaraderie and innovations in quilting concepts and techniques. The quilts presented in the exhibition are handcrafted or machine-made. They explore traditional influences with original designs and new experimentation. 

About The Alice Springs Quilting Club 

ASQC is a not-for-profit organisation first founded in 1981 by Kaye Reust and Constance Price, two American quilt-makers who decided to see how many others shared their love and knowledge of patchwork. The ASQC has been exhibition at Araluen Arts Centre since 1984 and are well and truly part of the fabric of Central Australia’s patchwork passion. 

ASQC is a not-for-profit organisation with the objectives of:

  • Sharing the enjoyment of patchwork, piecing and quilting. 
  • Promoting and exchanging ideas among those interested in or engaged in the quilting process. 
  • Sharing and demonstrating methods and techniques of creative quilting and inspiring personal achievements. 
  • To work in harmony with other organisations.

More info about ASQC can be found on their website 

"Quilting really only refers to the last step. We piece the top together first and that's where we create our own design. This first step takes the longest then we put in the middle layer which is the wading and that's what gives it your quilt the filling. The wadding can be made from all sorts of things from synthetics to bamboo," _ Wendy Collits, 2008 Exhibition Coordinator. (ABC Alice Springs 2008.)