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GROUND SWELL Araluen at 40


Araluen at 40

1 June – 11 August 2024

GROUND SWELL: Araluen at 40 reflects on the four decades of the Araluen Arts Centre and its role as the key exhibiting, collecting and lending gallery on Arrernte Country in Mparntwe / Alice Springs. Curated around five guiding currents: catalyst, immersion, collision, divergence, surprise, the exhibition presents artworks from Araluen’s extensive permanent Collection and artworks it holds on long-term loan. Across these currents it brings into dialogue 200 artworks by Indigenous and non-Indigenous artists, created across more than 90 years, that embody, engage, explore, challenge and pay homage to this ancient place; the country, its stories and peoples.

Featuring artists of national significance from Central Australia and beyond, GROUND SWELL: Araluen at 40 illuminates the importance of this region in shaping, not only arts practice, but also how we, as a nation, see ourselves and understand this country.

Located in the centre of the continent where diverse stories emerge, converge, disperse and move through country, the Araluen Arts Centre is unique in holding space for First Nations and non-Indigenous artists at this cultural interface, showcasing inspiring, provocative and transformative art in our nationally recognised art centre. This exciting exhibition is a celebration of the richness and depth that the Araluen Art Collection and the important role the Araluen Arts Centre has played and continues to play in collecting and exhibiting art of this place in this place.


Clifford Possum Mulga seed Tjukurpa 1983


John Wolseley Map of 32 days, 17 August – 17 September 1978, Palm Creek, Northern Territory 1980

Emily Kam Kngwarray Awely 1992



Jennifer Taylor Lost landscapes 2013

Albert Namatjira Mount Sonder with corkwood tree c.1944

Marina Strocchi Big country 2001



Henry Smith Passing in time and space 2020

Mumu Mike Williams, Willy Muntjantji, Martin and Sammy Dodd Ngura (Country) 2017


Pamela Lofts Might be Somewhere (from the Threshold series) 2007


Faye Alexander Hybrid 2016

Judith Pungkarta Inkamala Desert Choir 2019


Kathy Inkamala Mount Gillen, West MacDonnell Ranges 2018


Mick Namarari Tjapaltjarri Sunrise chasing away the night 1978

Peter Adsett Scission II 2020

Rhonda Sharpe Tjilkamata and baby 2023