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Desert Mob 2015
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Desert Mob

Desert Mob is an exhibition unlike any other and is one of the most anticipated and important Aboriginal art and cultural events in the nation. 

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Bringing together Desart-member art centres from across the Northern Territory, South Australia and Western Australia, Desert Mob is a unique annual gathering of artists, artworks and audience, in the heart of the region, Alice Springs. 

Desert Mob continues to be a bold and exhilarating statement of Aboriginal art and its dynamism and over 30 years it remains the most immediate interface between Aboriginal art making in remote desert communities and the wider world. 

The opening weekend of Desert Mob includes the official Exhibition Opening, Symposium and MarketPlace, and is an opportunity to view new developments in Aboriginal art, to meet the artists, listen to their stories and share their culture in the heart of their country.

Desert Mob Exhibition Opening

Spanning three galleries and hundreds of new works selected for inclusion by the artists and art centres, Desert Mob is both a testament to tradition and a testing ground for experimentation and innovation in contemporary Aboriginal art from the desert.

The exhibition presents paintings, sculpture, weaving, wood carving, prints, photography and works on paper by established and emerging artists.

Desert Mob Symposium

The Desert Mob Symposium is a day of presentations by artists, art centres and special guests. Through images, film, animation and performance, artists reveal and share their stories, ideas, projects and creative processes with the audience. 

The symposium provides a rich context for Desert Mob, reinforcing and celebrating the pivotal role of country, living culture and community in the lives of artists.

Desert Mob MarketPlace

Desert Mob MarketPlace is a large market held on the Araluen Arts Centre Precinct, spilling over with affordable Aboriginal art and craft from desert art centres. The vibrant and bustling MarketPlace atmosphere provides an opportunity for buyers to interact directly with artists and art centre staff and to purchase high quality works of art for under $500.

Desert Mob 2016 Exhibition.
Desert Mob 2016 Exhibition Opening. Photo by Lisa Hatzimihail.
Desert Mob 2016 Opening.
Desert Mob 2016 Exhibition. Photo by Lisa Hatzimihail.
Desert Mob 2015 Symposium
Kapi Ungkupayi (He gave us water) Project 2015, Minyma Kutjara Arts Project, presented at the Desert Mob 2015 Symposium by senior women from Irrunytju and Paulankutja. Photo by Hannah Millerick, courtesy of Desart.
Desert Mob MarketPlace 2015
Desert Mob MarketPlace 2015. Photo by Lisa Hatzimihail.

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