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Punuku Tjukurpa


Presented by Artback NT

Opening Friday 9 November

Ka punu nganampa tjuta palya ananyi tjana nyakuntjaku. Wiru nyangatja. Tjana nyakula kulilpai alatji palyalpai munu memory tjuta ngananana Kanyilpai.

“It is good that our carvings should go out to the world for all to see. This is a good thing. People can see and understand how things are made and that we have a lot of memories [in our collection].”
     Niningka Lewis, Artist

Punuku Tjukurpa is an exhibition of Anangu story, Law and culture as told through intricate punu carvings, artworks and artefacts. First shown at the South Australian Museum, this exhibition of works from the Maruku Arts archive based at Mutitjulu near Uluru, ends its significant national tour with a symbolic desert homecoming at the Araluen Arts Centre.

Punuku Tjukurpa presents a rich and sacred living history and includes 88 punu objects, alongside two-dimensional works and specially produced audio and video footage. Featuring three generations of artists, Punuku Tjukurpa reinforces the importance of tradition, Law and story passed down through woodcarving and painting, and is an invitation for audiences to also share in this rich culture. 



Featured image: Artist Unknown, Tjara, year unknown, Wanari (Mulga wood), 935 x 55 x 105 mm
Banner image: Niningka Lewis, Teapot, 2013, Itara: River red gum and acrylic paint, 270x120x90mm


09 November 2018 - 17 February 2019


Opening Friday 9 November, 6.00pm

Open daily from 10am-4pm




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