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Museum of Central Australia Skeleton
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The Museum of Central Australia

Journey through the fascinating evolution of Central Australia: from the big bang to ancient rocks containing the earliest traces of life and evidence of a great inland sea.

Follow the development of the landscape and local mega-fauna to the more familiar mammals, reptiles and insects found today.

It also features a replica of an internationally-significant, ancient fossil site, located on remote Alcoota Station, that displays some of the surprising megafauna fossils found there, including a giant freshwater crocodile and the largest bird that ever lived.

An outstanding exhibition of Central Australian birds, mammals, reptiles and insects give visitors the opportunity to identify many of the creatures they may see on their travels in the Red Centre.

The Museum of Central Australia houses the Strehlow Research Centre, one of Australia's most important collections of film, sound, archival records and museum objects relating to Indigenous ceremonial life.

Please visit the Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory website for further information.

Big bird Skeleton at the Museum of Central Australia
Small bird skeleton at the Museum of Central Australia