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The Strehlow Research Centre

The Strehlow Research Centre manages one of Australia's most important collections of film, sound, archival records and museum objects relating to Indigenous ceremonial life.

The Strehlow Collection was put together by Professor TGH Strehlow in his lifetime of anthropological research with the Aboriginal people of Central Australia.

A significant part of the collection relates to 'men's-only' sacred and secret ceremonies.

The Museum of Central Australia includes a display that relates to the natural history of the region.

How to access the collection

Access to the Strehlow Collection by researchers and other interested parties is governed by the Strehlow Centre Board.

Many elements in the collection can only be accessed by the appropriate traditional Aboriginal custodians, or by people acting with their consent and approval.

For more information, please contact the Strehlow Research Centre or visit their website.

Strehlow Research Centre Display
Strehlow Research Centre Display