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Yaye’s Cafe

Would you like some art with your coffee?

Yaye’s Café, provides coffee and light refreshments to locals and visitors to the Araluen Cultural Precinct. It is located in the former Connellan Airways mess house, between the Araluen Arts Centre and Central Craft.

In local Arrernte language, Yaye’s (pron: yar-yars) means sisters, and the name relates to the Two Women Dreaming story that runs through the land on which the Araluen Cultural Precinct is situated. The significant landmarks of this dreaming story can be found immediately behind Yaye’s Café, Big Sister Hill, and located in the adjacent Frank McEllister Park, Little Sister Hill.

Yaye’s Café is open daily from 7am - 2pm. These hours may vary during summer months.

Head to the Yaye’s Café Facebook Page for the latest information.

People at Yaye's Cafe
Coffee from Yaye's Cafe